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From Miklos Tverdota <>
Subject Create test plan from HTTPS conversation.
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 09:06:21 GMT
Hi Sebb,

I worked a lot to with WebScarab to record HTTPS conversation to create 
manually Jmeter test plans.
I wished to have a add-on to export the conversation directly to Jmeter 
test plan.
Now I realized this project.

Advantage :

1) You can save a WebScarab conversation in files.
2) Reload the conversation in WebScarab any time and analyse it.
3) Create Jmeter test plan *even from HTTPS* conversation.
4) Verify your test plans through comparing WebScarab conversation to 
Jmeter conversation.

I implemented a new add-on to create Jmeter test plan from HTTP requests.

1) Read a template test plan into the Hash tree. (test plan, thread 
group, http sampler, header)
2) Create templates for http sampler and header
3) Clone new Test Element from templates.
4) Append new http requests to hash tree.
5) Save hash tree to test plan.

I extracted several packages from the Jmeter source and modified them 
I minimized the number of libraries I needed. My add-on uses only 
Xstream and Jorphan utilities.
Wrong decision: I ported all these packages to WebScarab source tree.
It would be better to create a new jar from these sources and drop only 
the jar in WebScarab.
It is not difficult to create a new project for the jar.
This jar could been integrated in any other add-on. For example in FireFox.

Anyway the "add-on" in works now pretty well.
If you interested, I provide the sources.



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