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From Andreas Niemeyer <>
Subject Re: foreach and counter variable name
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2010 20:36:16 GMT

I tried it with an own counter, defined in a user parameter 
pre-processor; the option "update once per session" is ticked.

In the nested http sampler within the loop the value will be increment 
with the __intSum function by setting the name of the http request which 
looks like:

${forum_link} - ${__intSum(${LoopCounter},1,LoopCounter)}

That works so far as I can see the request sample name in the tree 
results listener that the value is incremented and resetted in the next 
thread iteration.

One problem remains: the if condition check doesn't work:

${LoopCounter} < 3

Here the sequence:

- simple controller 1
	-- http sample 1
	-- user parameters (define and reset the LoopCounter variable)
	-- regular expression extractor

- foreach controller (loop through the extracted links)
	- if controller (check the condition to limit the http requests, failed!)
	- http sample x (within the name the intSum function for the 
LoopCounter is called, the variable value is correct)

Many thanks in advance,

  and the option to incremented within the foreach

Andreas Niemeyer schrieb:
> Hi,
> I need to add an if controller within a foreach controller. What is the 
> name of the variable to define the if condition? I read somewhere the 
> name of the "outer" foreach counter is ${C}, but it fails to work.
> The condition should look like "${C} < 5".
> Thanks in advance,
> Andreas

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