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From Troy Bull <>
Subject Save an extracted regular expression
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 21:38:21 GMT
I have a test plan, about 20 steps.  It works almost.

In step 14 I use a regex extractor to grab an id that is submitted in
step 15.  So far everything is great, now comes the issue, I need that
same id to submit step 16.  Is there a way in step 14's regex
extractor or some other means to say (or do something so that) the
value sticks around in an unchanging variable? What happens in reality
is my groupid extractor returns DNF after step 15, thus submitting DNF
to step 16 instead of the proper groupid.  I thought about re-parsing
the value out of step 15 to send on to step 16 but it is way hard to
get from step 15.

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