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From peter.doornbosch <>
Subject strange JMeter behaviour with POST request with "Redirect Automatically"
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 20:54:17 GMT


I've run into a strange issue with JMeter sending an incorrect jsessionid in a POST
request when "Redirect automatically" is selected; when "Follow Redirects" is used,
everything works fine.

The application under test is a Grails app using a webflow. For those who do not know:
webflow in Grails means Spring WebFlow and Spring WebFlow makes heavy use of redirects.

Here is the relevant (request) data taken from the View Results Tree listener.

Option 1: Follow Redirects

POST http://localhost:8080/webshop/cart/mysubflow

POST data:

Cookie Data:

Option 2: Redirect Automatically

POST http://localhost:8080/webshop/cart/mymainflow;jsessionid=AFEF2B7E4018D5BAF613DD595BAB5D9F?execution=e1s1

POST data:

Cookie Data:

In both cases, the session id listed in the Cookie Data is the correct session. As you
can see (Option 2), JMeter seems to insert another bogus "jsessionid" in the url. I checked
testplan several times: this session id is _not_ in my plan ;-(. I really don't have a clue
and how this jsessionid shows up in the url, whereas at the same time, the correct session
is passed in a cookie.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your time.


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