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Subject Re: JMeter perf problems with master/slave setup.
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2010 22:47:09 GMT
In gmane.comp.jakarta.jmeter.user, you wrote:
> In gmane.comp.jakarta.jmeter.user, you wrote:
>> On 26/02/2010, Doki Pen <> wrote:
>>> I'm seeing horrible jmeter performance when I run in master slave mode
>>>  on EC2 (10pages/sec).  But when I run in normal mode I get great results
>>>  (200 pages/sec)
>> What about the individual response times?
>> Are they similar?
>> Are the tests retrieving identical responses?
> In the normal way of the internets, I discovered the solution to my
> problem 5 minutes after asking a usergroup.  This, after 2 days of
> struggling.   It turns out the magically incantation is as follows:
> #
> mode=Batch 
> hold_samples=true 
> num_sample_threshold=1000 
> time_threshold=30000 

After more expirimenting, this isn't really what I want.  hold_samples
makes each slave hold all samples in memory until the test is over,
usually causing on OutOfMemory error.  num_sample_threshold and
time_threshold are what I needed.  But it's a black art setting them,
because if they are too small, you get bad perf.  If they are too big,
you run out of memory.

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