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From Jan Torben Heuer <>
Subject RESTful testing, transfer results
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2010 15:55:41 GMT

I played a bit with jmeter and I just installed the jmeterrestsampler[1]. So 
far it works well, but I still have some open questions, maybe you can point 
me to the correct faqs ;-)

* Can I transfer the result header of a http request to the next step? 
(Parts of the Location: header)

* Can I write a ThreadGroup where each Thread registers a new user (based on 
a thread-id or something like that) and uses the username for http basic 
auth? (I currently use the http authorization manager but I don't see how it 
could be thread specific)

* Is it possible to have JSON assertions (not with regular expressions)



[1] I'm going to extend it so if other are interested, too, I'd share the 
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