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From nirmal kumar <>
Subject Clarification for TCPSampler - Throughput
Date Tue, 29 Dec 2009 19:36:46 GMT

I have been running Jmeter for perfomace testing of an xmpp server. I
used to TCPSampler to send transaction messages. I have observed the
following behaviour :

a) Thread Pool Increase:
      To begin with i have tried to send messages using single thread
and measure the throughput ot be 10Messages per second. But as I
started to increase the number of thread still my throughput remain
the same. Can some explain me the cause for such behaviour.
 I have measure the CPU, I/0 utilization too.. CPU - 0.4% and I/0=>
very minimal.

hence inorder to increase the msg/sec i tried installing more jmeter
and I could see a increase the messages sent.
For 1 Jmeter ==> 10Msg/sec
For 3 Jmeter ==> 14.26 Msg/Sec
For 5 Jemter ==> 23.4 Msg/Sec

I would like to have a 300msg/sec. I don't want have too many
instances of jmeter machines.
Can some one help me in achieving it.


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