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From Eddie O'Sullivan <>
Subject JMeter Setting Variable Values during a test
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2009 17:29:03 GMT

Hi all,

Is it possibly to assign a value to a variable during a test run without
recording a Sampler Result? The example below might explain better

If I have the following test:
            counter=0 (UserDefinedVariable)
            found=0 (UserDefinedVariable)
            While Loop
                  reset counter=0
                  reset found=0
                  While Loop

                  End While
            End While

In the first While loop I want to reset the variables "counter" and "found"
to 0. Currently as a work around I am using a BeanShell Sampler and a
Regular Expression Extractor, however this is producing a large number of
Sampler Results I do not want.

Is there an alternative to assigning a value to a variable during a test
result with a Sample Result been taken?

Thanks in advance,

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