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From Maria Alejandra Trozzi <>
Subject Distribution Graph and Graph
Date Tue, 29 Dec 2009 17:58:21 GMT
I'm getting some "strange" graphs in my tests....  Here I attach the
Distribution Graph for 20users and 50 users and the Graph of Response
Times... for 100 users.
I've read in the manual that a distribution graph like the one of 50 users
with the 90line outside the graph may mean a "memory leak", but I've monitor
memory and it's very well... See perform.jog  - Is there another thing that
may be suggested ?
Another thing that I don't undestand of this graph is the "y" axis, is it a
"percentage" of what? and if the meassure is in milliseconds.  Sorry, I
didn't find it in the user manual or app help.

About the other graph, why I'm getting those "hops" or points ??

Thanks a lot !!!

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