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From Deepak Shetty <>
Subject Re: BeanShell's the only way to vary load?
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 23:10:45 GMT
Ill make an attempt to answer , though bear in mind that I dont have any
particular expertise in the topic you raise.

Since the Constant throughput timer can be varied within the test itself (as
a function of say time or any other variable by writing custom code) then I
would prefer that approach to doing it externally (however this is much less
flexible). Do you also need to distribute the tests to generate the load you
need (irrespective of the mechanism used to vary the load)? if so having a
self contained test is probably better.

What are you trying to model? A system can show different characteristics
for the same throughput. A user sending 100 requests in say 10 minutes may
not be the same as 10 users each sending 10 requests in 10 minutes. In the
latter case you are also looking to vary the number of active sessions
instead of just the throughput and probably having multiple thread groups
may be better.

And lastly you cant have a 'best' way unless you determine what parameters
are important to you. Is flexibility most important? runtime changes needed
depending on how the system behaves? is maintaining/managing the test more

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 2:30 PM, Tech Newbie <> wrote:

> Looking for "best practice" to vary load in non-gui mode.
> I have a test plan that has a Constant Throughput Timer.  It is defined as
> a JMeter property and a simple shell script passes in the property value on
> JMeter's startup.
> I'd like to vary this load (bell-curve) over time (1 day).  I've read about
> the approach using BeanShell server.  Is this the best way?  I'm hesitating
> about this because it's another process to manage, in parallel with JMeter
> itself.
> Other solutions I've comtemplated:
> - Extend the simple shell script to invoke mutiple instances of JMeter,
> serially, with different values for the Constant Throughput Timer.
> - Create a test plan with multiple thread groups with different values for
> the Constant Throughput Timer and have JMeter execute the thread group
> serially.
> Please enlight me on the pros and cons.
> Thanks.

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