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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Clarification for TCPSampler - Throughput
Date Wed, 30 Dec 2009 02:19:45 GMT
On 29/12/2009, nirmal kumar <> wrote:
> Hi
>  I have been running Jmeter for perfomace testing of an xmpp server. I
>  used to TCPSampler to send transaction messages. I have observed the
>  following behaviour :
>  a) Thread Pool Increase:
>       To begin with i have tried to send messages using single thread
>  and measure the throughput ot be 10Messages per second. But as I
>  started to increase the number of thread still my throughput remain
>  the same. Can some explain me the cause for such behaviour.

Perhaps the server cannot handle any more throughput.

>   I have measure the CPU, I/0 utilization too.. CPU - 0.4% and I/0=>
>  very minimal.
>  hence inorder to increase the msg/sec i tried installing more jmeter
>  and I could see a increase the messages sent.
>  For 1 Jmeter ==> 10Msg/sec
>  For 3 Jmeter ==> 14.26 Msg/Sec
>  For 5 Jemter ==> 23.4 Msg/Sec

How many threads for each JMeter? How long does each run last (approx)?

It should not be necessary to use multiple instances of JMeter in most cases.

>  I would like to have a 300msg/sec. I don't want have too many
>  instances of jmeter machines.
>  Can some one help me in achieving it.

It's possible to achieve much higher throughput with a single JMeter
instance, so there must be something wrong here.

How long do the TCP samples take? Do they complete successfully?

The TCP Sampler is tricky to configure correctly, because there are
lots of options - are you sure it has been set up correctly?

>  Thanks,
>  Nirmal
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