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From Adrian Speteanu <>
Subject Re: How to save the WorkBench with the Test Plan ?
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2009 17:16:38 GMT

For that, when you have a proxy recording, place a Recording Controller in
the Test Plan. Samples under the Recording Controller won't be executed at
runtime and you can save them along with the test plan. But still you have
to remember to save the test plan before exiting.

One more suggestion. Use a View Results Tree as child to the Proxy. Set it
to record to a .xml file on the disk (enable all the options that apply to
xml), thus you won't have to remember saving. It has a drawback - ok, you
can't copy-paste the requests anymore, but at least you haven't lost them.
The file can only be reloaded by a listener, but from the results tree you
can get the request & parameters and see the headers as well.
(I never tried this, but I think it should save the file just as in normal
test runs - I just record as much as I can process and then move it to the
test plan in order not to loose data / work in progress; only when I'm
through I continue).

I wouldn't consider these things JMeter's biggest usability issues, they
have workarounds. I for once, am very anoyed that I can't sort requests by
name in the summary listener... I use a random order controller, the
requests are like -1- /homepage, -2- /otherpage, etc and they get hard to
find once you have more of them. I have to import the log files into xls and
sort them while the test is still in progress.

have an easy day.

On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 4:10 PM, Nikolay_Miroshnichenko <>wrote:

> Adrian Speteanu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> When you load your test plan again merge the proxy you have save so you
>> can
>> keep it with the loaded test plan. It's a step more than what you
>> expected,
>> but it makes it possible.
>>  From what I know,, the workbench is mostly for copy-paste actions and for
>> the non-test elements. I find it convenient to save components of the test
>> plan and merge them only when I need them in the workbench to edit some
>> new
>> test plan.
>> Hope this helps.
>> On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 1:04 PM, Laurent Perez <> wrote:
>>  Hi
>>> I don't understand why saving the Test Plan does not trigger a bundled
>>> backup of the WorkBench.
>>> For example, when I want to use the recording proxy (HTTP Proxy
>>> Server), I add it to the WorkBench, following the guide at
>>> .
>>> However, the WorkBench is not saved on shutdown, hence, I loose the
>>> proxy configuration. I can save the WorkBench on its own, but then,
>>> the Test Plan is not loaded.
>>> What's the WorkBench useful for ? I don't really get it.
>>> Thanks
>>> laurent
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> I don't like this separation of test plan and workbench node too.
> I lost my data a couple (maybe dozen) of times, so now I'm afraid to use
> workbench node any more :)
> Fortunately, it's not necessary. A proxy server node can be placed under a
> thread group node. And the thread group node can be disabled so that it
> doesn't run.
> So I'm just pressing "Ctrl+S" from time to time to be sure the whole my
> testplan is saved.
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> Best Regards
> Nikolay Miroshnichenko
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