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From Gokulakannan Somasundaram <>
Subject Re: Integrating Monitoring stuff
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2009 10:04:51 GMT
Attaching the files, mentioned in the previous mail.

a) Copy the attached files into one directory

b) Make sure the current directory and the jar file
/usr/share/lib/java/dtrace.jar are in the class path

c) The methods to be monitored are to be provided with the file input.txt in
the form package,class,method

d) Make sure to login with the same userid with which the process was

e) compile the using javac

f) run "java MethodProfiler <pid of the jvm>"

The output will contain the DTrace output. But the average_time, max time
and distribution can be identified out of the output with little bit of


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