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From Jatin Davey <>
Subject Re: Resource Consumption
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2009 04:12:10 GMT
If the server is running on windows Platforms , You could use the 
"perfmon" utility to monitor resource consumption on the server. Very 
good tool for windows which can give you raw resource utilization data 
in a .csv file. Use it with any plotter to get graphical results. If its 
a linux box then you may try a tool called as: "collectl". There are 
numerous tools available for this purpose. Just google for it.


Deepak Shetty wrote:
> Jmeter can only be used to simulate concurrent load, which can tell you a
> problem exists, but can't really tell you where or what the problem is .
> If you want resource consumption (CPU memory) you will have to use a OS/app
> server specific tool. There is a monitor results Listener in jmeter but it
> is specific to tomcat (but you could implement it for your web container).
> thread deadlock etc would be indicated to Jmeter as the sample does not
> return (or takes increasingly longer times with loads) but you would have to
> profile your application while jmeter is running to diagnose the cause
> regards
> deepak
> For threads deadlock etc
> On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 11:27 AM, Maria Alejandra Trozzi
> <>wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm starting using Jmeter and it's great! but I can't find reports on
>> resource consumption tests (CPU, memory...) and threads (deadlocks,
>> contention, etc.) Can I do it with jmeter? If not, is there any other
>> stress
>> tool to acomplish this ?
>> Thanks !

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