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From Deepak Shetty <>
Subject Re: Using URL Encoded values in a JMeter variable in a HTTP POST
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2009 17:14:44 GMT
a. When you say URL encode do you mean the %nn for non ascii characters or
the & encoded as &amp; (because these are HTML encoded to escape & and need
to be dealt with differently).
What does the source actually have? If the source html on which you are
running your regex to extract data , is already encoded , then checking or
unchecking the checkbox will appear to have to no effect (it might get
double encoded). can you add Debug samplers to check whether the data you
are extracting out is correct or already encoded?
b. Checking or Unchecking the encode value does work, you can try it
standalone with a hardcoded string which has special characters like = or +


On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 6:51 AM, Richard Gaywood <>wrote:

> Hi list! Encountered a problem with JMeter (v2.3.4) that I cannot find a
> workaround for. Hoping someone has a suggestion I've overlooked.
> I have a complicated HTTP POST request (70+ parameters, with a number of
> variable substitutions). I've coded it up but encountered a problem with
> eleven parameters that were just GUID name/value pairings. Some work with a
> regular expression extractor, a Beanshell sampler, and a ForEach controller
> has constructed these into a single JMeter variable with the usual
> "name=value&name=value&name=value&" (etc) structure.
> My problem is, JMeter is insisting in URL encoding the JMeter variable
> contents when I put it in the "send parameters with the request" section,
> regardless of how I tick or untick the "encode?" column. I found this old
> post by sebb:
> On Mon, Oct 8, 2007 at 7:40 PM, sebb <> wrote:
>> OK, in that case I think there is a work-round.
>> If you use parameters with values but *no names*, then HttpClient (and
>> Java http) will include the values in the POST body as is with no
>> encoding or equals signs.
>> (This does not appear to be documented anywhere ... oops!)
> But this only seems to work when I only have one single line in the request
> parameters config. As soon as I mix the workaround with normally encoded
> parameters, JMeter stops working. See my screenshot -- where I set two
> parameters; the first a JMeter variable containing the string
> "name=value&spam=eggs" and the other a normal parameter with name "ham" and
> value "green". When I hit send, the POST parameters look like:
>         POST data:
>         ham=green
> ...with no mention of the other two parameters.
> So... is there a workaround for this? Or do I need to manually URL encode
> my 60-odd parameters and put them all in a single Value box of my
> HTTPClient?
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