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From Andre Arnold <>
Subject Re: JMS Point-to-Point - MQ doesnt allow JMSConstants as setStringProperty()
Date Tue, 28 Jul 2009 19:27:01 GMT
Andre Arnold schrieb:
> I wanted to use the JMS Point-to-Point Sampler for placing messages on a
> queue on websphereMQ. Just to clear the basis, it worked perfectly.
> As I tried to introduce the JMS_TYPE constant as a property i got the
> error : "MQJMS1058".
> Same with the JMS_PRIORITY.
> I figuered out the problem is that one needs to use the specific method
> ( setJMPriority() ) instead of the plain setStringProperty(). This is 
> the same problem like with the correlation id.
> I already made the two changes in simple patch just wanted to check if
> this is a known bug before opening a new one.
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As I mentioned before there is some false behavior when using jmeter jms
PointToPoint sampler with mq.

Since the only answers i got where not on the subject i repost the
previous question.

Sorry if am annoying :)

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