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From phanikishan <>
Subject Re: Modifying data while filling forms and basic Jmeter help
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 09:33:47 GMT

Deepak Shetty wrote:
> Hi
>>Hey the url doesnt really exist indeed, but why is it appearing in the
> recorded commands?
> Because the HTML page contains a reference to your css file in the form of
> <link>, the browser will make a request to this CSS file and it will get
> recorded (the browser however ignores this error)
>>(I said stop test on sampler error and it didnt- so I guess this means no
> errors)
> Not necessarily. This means there are no HTTP errors (like a 500 error)
> that
> JMeter can detect. You must have good assertions in your test if you want
> to
> be able to make this statement
>>But the main problem lies in the fact
>>that when I go to http request which contains my login details and change
>>them to a wrong id, the test still runs without any error.
> If your application returns an error message (e.g. Invalid
> username/password) with a 200 status code, JMeter wont know this an error.
> You must assert the content of the returned HTML page (either it must
> contain a success message, or it must not contain the error message or it
> must contain a particular text only found on success) - depends on your
> app
> Use View results tree to view the response you obtain(render it as HTML
> and
> see what you are getting).

Hey, I believe I found the source of my problem. Apparently the session Id
generated by my server and that of Jmeter are not matching because of which
my server is not accepting a change to the database. 
The server generates tokens and database is updated if the tokens match. Is
there anyway I can go around this problem?
Thanks a lot.

Phani Kishan
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