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From Andre Arnold <>
Subject Re: http request property replacement
Date Sat, 13 Jun 2009 19:06:42 GMT
Deepak Shetty schrieb:
> It would be useful if you could tell us what exactly you want to do with an
> example.
> regards
> deepak
First thanks for your answer and sorry for confusing you.

I want to record Http Requests with the Proxy.
In every request I want to replace one of the paramter values with a
${Variable}. Similar to the functionality of the testplan user variable
(e.g. password=...) .
The problem is the values of the parameter are dynamic and differ from
request to request. That's why I cant use a static value in a variable.

What I wanted to know was, can i use maybe the beanshell function in a
testplan-variable to be processed on the paramters of the sampler?

By the way I also have the need for placing a RegexExtractor under
nearly each recorded Sampler (maybe not the first :) ).
I saw the functionality for placing timer elements automaticly and
because it would be a great benefit not copy and pasting 10 times i
searched for the mechanism and extended it to process not just timers
but also PostProcessor elements and place them under the sampler.
This was a small tweak of the addTimer() method of the ProxControl but
saves me from a lot of copy & paste.

I also have gone further since it's weekend ...
I created a new GuiElement to be processed under the Proxy like a Timer.
Through this gui I manage to either search a  request parameter name  or
a value and replace the corresponding value with the variable reference
of an RegexExtractor, which I generate acording to specific values in
the gui. I have to replace a value that is just a simple increasing
number so i can't search the request value for this but its parameter
which has always the same structure / name...

So if the beanshell function (or some other smart way) can't access the
samplers paramters to modify them I suggest this thread is closed.


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