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From "Scott McFadden" <>
Subject XPath Extractor / reference scoping question
Date Sun, 31 May 2009 14:14:36 GMT
I have a jmeter (2.3.3) web app test plan for my wsfederation enabled STS / Relying Party web
apps.   I have a HTTP request that does the HTTP POST
for the initial user login.  It works well.  After this POST, I added a XPath post processor
to extract the wsfederation response elements (WA/WRESULT).  I store these results in two
variables / references:  "wa" and "wresult".   On the next Http Request, I do a post to
the Relying Party containing these values to establish
a session with the relying party.    My question is what is the scope of these variables
in the context of the thread group?  Are they global to the thread group.  I really don't
care for them to be global to the thread group as I want each thread to have its own wsfederation
/ wresult value.   How do you store post processor results so they are scoped to the thread
and not the thread group?


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