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From Ed Young <>
Subject TCP Sampler missing responses when threads > 2
Date Mon, 04 May 2009 19:24:21 GMT
I am developing a test to execute a sequence of simple text based messages,
each message expecting a response. The message requests are configured using
the TCP Config and TCP Samplers as Thread Group children.

The TCPSampler sees the responses until I get past 2 threads. Then it misses
the response from the 3rd thread every time.  I know it's missing the
responses because I can see the responses come back by watching a log file.

It looks to me like the thread continues before it ever gets back a
response, which is not the behavior I want. I want it to wait until the TCP
Sampler timeout value and then proceed.

I suspect that the problem is that I'm misconfiguring the TCP Sampler,
because I'm not sure of the use for some of it's parameters.

The behavior varies alot as I experiment with the values, but I haven't
gotten past the 3 thread point with any combination.

My questions are about whether I'm using the parameters correctly.

   - I have unchecked "Re-use connection" This makes sense to me because I
   want each thread to use it's own socket.

   - I have set the TCP Sampler Config Timeout value to 5000ms.

I believe this means "for each TCP Sampler let the default timeout be
5000ms". Is this correct?

   - If I leave the Timeout value blank, I never see any outgoing or resonse
   traffic at all in jmeter, but I can see that the message was sent and
   received according to the target system log. It seems that jmeter is hanging
   up for some reason.  I have to stop the thread manually from the run menu.

   - Does setting one of the actual TCP Sampler Timeout values Override or
   Extend the default value set in the config element?

   - What does checking the NoDelay do?

I'm running jmeter 2.3.2 r665936, but I have tried it on the snapshot
version I have and get the same results.

- Ed

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