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From drubix <>
Subject One thread per instance on distributed system
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 07:04:08 GMT


I'm attempting to run a load test against our system but because of the way
out authentication is set up each user needs a different IP address.  I can
achieve this using IP aliasing and running multiple instances of JMeter with
different local addresses.

What I'd like to have happen is this:
* Start each slave JMeter instance on a different RMI port and a different
local IP address
* Start the master JMeter instance which distributes the script to all of
the slaves
* Have the slaves work through the test script themselves, managing their
own authentication and cookies
* Repeat the script for a set length of time
* Have all the slaves report back to the master who collates the data

However, JMeter doesn't seem to work that way by default.  After doing some
preliminary tests it seems that final results don't necessarily have a
correlation between a JMeter instance and the threadgroup it operates in. 
It seems that JMeter shares the load dynamically rather than just dishing
out an entire thread group to each instance.  Unfortunately, as the IPs for
each thread/instance will no longer match up, this doesn't work for our
particular situation.

Is there a way to force JMeter to handle each thread with a different
instance or, even better, a way to handle IPs (attaching a single username,
password and IP address to a single thread) which would get rid of these
problems entirely?

Thanks for your help,

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