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From Barath <>
Subject Jmeter 2.3.2 not working in Linux
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 13:27:19 GMT


I tried to run the Jmeter version - 2.3.2 in my linux system with the
 1 . "jmeter" got "Command not found" error and so i tried
 2 . "sh" it just opens the jmeter frame without any
menu(attachment jmeter.log
). After few minutes, in command prompt i am getting the following error in
repeated intervals,
"GC Warning: Repeated allocation of very large block (appr. size 8048640):
     May lead to memory leak and poor performance."

I then added "." in PATH and tried to run "jmeter" command now i am getting
error 2 (mentioned above)

Since the jmeter.log shows some GUI error, i tried to run jmeter in non GUI
 3. Command - "jmeter -n -t /root/software/jmeterresponse/test.jmx -l
/root/software/jmeterresponse/result.txt" now i am getting "permission
denied" error message but i logged in as ROOT.
 4. Command - "sh -n -t /root/software/jmeterresponse/test.jmx -l
/root/software/jmeterresponse/result.txt" now i am getting Error in
NonGUIDriver java.lang.NullPointerException

Note :
Jboss server is running the linux machine where i tried to run jmeter.
JAVA_HOME is also set to jdk 1.5.
Output of "ls -l" command in the jmeter/bin shows
"-rw-r--r-- l root root 3976 Jun 10 2008 jmeter" and so on for other files.
Please help me to starting the jmeter in GUI or non GUI mode.

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