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From Baudouin <>
Subject Re: Problem using jmeter failureproperty from ant
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2009 09:59:54 GMT

Thank you for helping me.
I am using JMeter 2.3.2 r665936
Here are some more details about my test:
I am sending a post to test the login of a user.
Amongst others, the user and the password are send as parameter with the
An extra parameter is send holding the service URL. So if the login is
successful, the response will be the page mentioned by the service URL.

I have a jMeter HTTP Request for the post (including the parameters).
On that HTTP request, I have attached a Response Assertion. I have flagged
this assertion as "Ignore Status".

The way the login works is as follows: 
    1. the login url is send with the parameters as explained before.
    2. Upon a successful login, a page 303 is send with the url that was
given as parameter in the service parameter.
    3. the service is send as a result of the 303
    4. After a few checks, a 403 is received because the user is not
authorized to see this page.

What I see in the View results tree is the following:
A main entry with a green triangle with the result of the post. AND two
one with a green triangle corresponding to the 303 response
and one with a red triangle corresponding to the 403 

So yes, the main entry is "green" even though the second entry is "red".  So
that's fine with me.

But my problem comes when I call it from ant with the failureproperty.
Apparently, the failureproperty is set to true even though the "Ignore
Status" is flagged. And if I disable this test, and make the other 72 tests
run, it works fine. So, it really comes from that specific test.


sebb-2-2 wrote:
> On 09/03/2009, Baudouin <> wrote:
>>  In one of my jmeter tests, I have a request which returns a 403.
>>  Within the jMeter GUI interface I checked the "Ignore Status" check box. 
>> As
>>  a consequence, the result is shown in red in the "View results tree"
>> object
>>  but the test is still ok because of the "Ignore Status" being checked.
> That's not how JMeter 2.3.2 behaves for me.
> If I add a Response Assertion with "Ignore Status" checked, then the
> sample is treated as successful.
> Which version of JMeter are you using?
>>  Now, I run the same test from ant by calling the jmeter task together
>> with
>>  the "failureproperty". In this case, it seems that the 'Ignore Status"
>> is
>>  not being taken into account.  The result is that my cruise control
>> calling
>>  the jmeter tests receives the "failureporperty" set to true which is not
>>  what I would like to receive.
>>  Any idea of what I could?
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