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From sebb <>
Subject Re: compare result with Reference file
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2009 16:47:11 GMT
Note that you can use "Save Responses to a File"

to save each response in a different file.

Add this element as a child of the samplers whose responses you want to capture.
[Or add it at the top-level if you want to capture all/most responses]

You can then use an external tool to compare the files with known good versions.

On 13/01/2009, Steve Kapinos <> wrote:
> The general notion of what you are talking about are called Assertions.
>  You apply tests to the results to mark them as good or not.  How
>  easy/hard to do this will vary based on how the data is presented and
>  what you are comparing against.  The simplest ideas are using regular
>  expressions to hunt for specific data in the response page.  But if you
>  are trying to compare binary files of sorts, its probably best to save
>  the stuff to file and use an external tool to compare the results to the
>  known good.  Wrap the whole thing together in the scripting tool of your
>  choice (nant, ant, batch files, perl, python, bsh, etc)
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>  From: waqas ahmad []
>  Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 10:53 AM
>  To:
>  Subject: compare result with Reference file
>   Hi to all,
>  I am new to JMeter. i have learned that how can i placed a test in
>  jmeter and how can i see the result with the help of different
>  listeners.
>  But how can i varify that this result which gave me the any listener, is
>  correct or wrong. There is any way in Jmeter, where i can put some
>  reference file or reference data then Jmeter will compare the result
>  with that file or data and then it will show me the result.
>  For example; In my web-application,. First i have to "login" in it and
>  then i have to visit some links in it. actually this site is taking data
>  from databank and  display this data graphically on graphs. i can export
>  data from this site also. i mean in excel or csv files. I want to see,
>  when this web-application takes the data from databank then it take
>  right data from databank or not; or some where it lose the data.
>  Please share your test expereiences with me. I shall be thankful to you.
>  Thanks a lot.
>  Best Regards,
>  Waqas Ahmad
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