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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Jmeter crashes with "swap space" error for us
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2009 22:42:37 GMT
On 11/01/2009, GeeTee <> wrote:
>  Hi everyone,
>  We wanted to load test our online services using JMeter but were unable to
>  load test for heavy loads due to JMeter crashes with "swap space" error. I

What is the exact Java error message?
AFAIK,"swap space" is an OS error rather than a JVM error.

>  had a look at other such threads over here and we have already tried out
>  those suggestions with no success (e.g. setting heap correctly in
>  jmeter.bat)
>  I will give you some insight into out online application. It is actually a
>  hybrid application, i.e. it is an online application embedded in a desktop
>  client. It is basically a set of Servlets and JSPs and uses a custom "XML
>  over HTTP" protocol for communication (please note that we do not use SOAP).
>  Using these services a user can upload videos and stills to different
>  websites (some of our own and some third-party). We have faced 2 issues that
>  seem to be related to each other.
>  We had been asked to test for total 200-800 simultaneous (i.e. ramp up = 1
>  sec) users.

Ramp-up should not be set as low as this or JMeter may have problems starting.

>  After reading a few documents we decided on running 50-75
>  threads from a single machine and have a central controller
>  (jmeter-server.bat method). We were unsuccessful in our attempts. For
>  example, at one instance we tried to run 35 threads from 2 machines (total
>  70 threads only) controlled by a JMeter server. We received 50-60% errors.

What errors are these?

>  Then we ran 70 threads from 1 machine. Result - 0% error. Since the service
>  was same in both the cases, it seems to be a problem related to JMeter. Even
>  with 25 users per system from 2 systems, the problem exists.
>  Machine config: Pentium Dual Core machines 2.8 GHz, 3 GB RAM, 320 GB Hard
>  Disc, 10 GB Virtual Memory, Win XP Professional SP2. The systems had no
>  other softwares installed. JMeter version was 2.3.1 (we also tried 2.3.2 but
>  observed the same results)
>  Due to Problem1, we decided that we will run the scripts from 8-10 separate
>  systems by manually triggering them. And would later collate the response
>  timings from each system. We wanted to upload files (present on hard disc)
>  to the websites for which the service had been written. File size varied
>  from 4MB to 60MB. Using file size = 4MB, I was able to run 100 threads from
>  1 system without problem. But with file size = 30MB or more, even 10 threads
>  would cause JMeter to crash frequently. On Vista, the situation was slightly
>  better but still I could not go beyond 20 users for 30 MB files. As such we
>  have not been able to load test for heavy files.

Which Http Sampler are you using?

>  Machine Config: Same as that for Problem1
>  Sorry for such a lengthy email. I wanted to provide all the information that
>  I had with me.
>  Thanks,
>  Gaurav Tripathi
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