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From Jmeter_User <>
Subject Squirrelmail attachment error when combined with jmeter to send attachments multiple times
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2009 14:10:08 GMT

Apologies for the lengthy mail. I am trying to explain the problem in detail.
I need help badly to solve the below problem. Any suggestion is appreciated.

We are recording the scenario of sending a mail with attachment through
Squirrel mail Using Jmeter. Our intension is to send many mails using Jmeter
and Squirrelmail.

While recording,
 I attached the file and sent. It got recorded successfully. But when I
start running the script using jmeter, I am getting error because the file
name is hard coded in script and its not able to find the same name again.
The file name will be created on the fly in squirrelmail and will be stored
for the section “attach file” . The sample attach file is below.

What squirrelmail basically does is, it copies the attached file and store
it in its configured attachment directory. The name of the file stored in
attachment directory wont be same as file name. It stores the file name in
32 characters. For eg: 1ajDgYkgMQoKBVkC2xkTbUF5yScvcHlA, which is given
above as part of the attach file. 

The files listed in attachment directory are
### ls -l
rw-------   1 _www   staff  13970 Jan 22 04:47
-rw-------   1 _www   staff   5853 Jan 22 04:12
-rw-------   1 _www   staff  18860 Jan 22 05:24
-rw-------   1 _www   staff  10058 Jan 22 04:38

So when I start running, basically the script will attach again the same
file, but it will store in squirrelmail attach directory with on the fly
created file name (some 32 characters file name), which is not known to the
script, as it is created on the fly. And the script fails because it tries
to open the file which is hard coded in the script. I get the below error:

> Warning:
> fopen(/Library/WebServer/Documents/squirrelmail/attach/1ajDgYkgMQoKBVkC2xkTbUF5yScvcHlA)
> [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in
> /Library/WebServer/Documents/squirrelmail/class/deliver/Deliver.class.php
> on line 307

It wont find the above file because it will be deleted from attachment
directory once its sent successfully. 

I presume I need to do some kind of correlation for attach file section. So
that jmeter will pick the newly created file and attach it. 
I need help in correlating it so that, if I run the script multiple times,
jmeter and squirrelmail should be able to send each time, the same file
again and again. How can I do that?

I tried modifying the attach file for that 32 characters and replaced with
regular expression “(.+?)”. But I am getting the below error:

Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]:     Error at offset 866 of 876
bytes in /Library/WebServer/Documents/squirrelmail/src/compose.php     on
line 370

Appreciate help in solving the above problem. Thanks in advance.
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