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From GeeTee <>
Subject Jmeter crashes with "swap space" error for us
Date Sun, 11 Jan 2009 17:57:46 GMT

Hi everyone,

We wanted to load test our online services using JMeter but were unable to
load test for heavy loads due to JMeter crashes with "swap space" error. I
had a look at other such threads over here and we have already tried out
those suggestions with no success (e.g. setting heap correctly in

I will give you some insight into out online application. It is actually a
hybrid application, i.e. it is an online application embedded in a desktop
client. It is basically a set of Servlets and JSPs and uses a custom "XML
over HTTP" protocol for communication (please note that we do not use SOAP).
Using these services a user can upload videos and stills to different
websites (some of our own and some third-party). We have faced 2 issues that
seem to be related to each other.

We had been asked to test for total 200-800 simultaneous (i.e. ramp up = 1
sec) users. After reading a few documents we decided on running 50-75
threads from a single machine and have a central controller
(jmeter-server.bat method). We were unsuccessful in our attempts. For
example, at one instance we tried to run 35 threads from 2 machines (total
70 threads only) controlled by a JMeter server. We received 50-60% errors.
Then we ran 70 threads from 1 machine. Result - 0% error. Since the service
was same in both the cases, it seems to be a problem related to JMeter. Even
with 25 users per system from 2 systems, the problem exists.

Machine config: Pentium Dual Core machines 2.8 GHz, 3 GB RAM, 320 GB Hard
Disc, 10 GB Virtual Memory, Win XP Professional SP2. The systems had no
other softwares installed. JMeter version was 2.3.1 (we also tried 2.3.2 but
observed the same results)

Due to Problem1, we decided that we will run the scripts from 8-10 separate
systems by manually triggering them. And would later collate the response
timings from each system. We wanted to upload files (present on hard disc)
to the websites for which the service had been written. File size varied
from 4MB to 60MB. Using file size = 4MB, I was able to run 100 threads from
1 system without problem. But with file size = 30MB or more, even 10 threads
would cause JMeter to crash frequently. On Vista, the situation was slightly
better but still I could not go beyond 20 users for 30 MB files. As such we
have not been able to load test for heavy files.

Machine Config: Same as that for Problem1

Sorry for such a lengthy email. I wanted to provide all the information that
I had with me.

Gaurav Tripathi
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