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From Ronald Van de Kuil <>
Subject Re: JMS Point-to-point escapes content XML characters
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 16:54:33 GMT
Hello Jakub,

I use the JMS Point-to-point sampler too in combination with IBM WebSphere 
MQ series. 

When I inspect the message on the queue using rfhutil then I can see that 
the message is not escaped.

Character and hex of the first 32 bytes of an example message:

00000000 <?xml ve rsion="1 3C3F786D 6C207665 7273696F 6E3D2231
00000016 .0" enco ding="UT 2E302220 656E636F 64696E67 3D225554
00000032 F-8"?>.< cdmmsg:m 462D3822 3F3E0A3C 63646D6D 73673A6D

I must admit that I am not using the latest version but it could still be 
the underlying jms implemention that escapes the XML messages.

Met Vriendelijke Groet,
Ronald van de Kuil

Stuck in the past somewhere in the future? NO WAY!!!

Jakub Pastuszek <> 
11-12-2008 16:17
Please respond to
"JMeter Users List" <>


JMS Point-to-point escapes content XML characters


Is it possible to make JMeter not to escape XML characters (<,> and so) in 
message content (JMS Point-to-point sampler)?

I am using XML as message body and consumer expects to receive the message 
as normal unescaped XML.
What JMeter does is it takes the body and escapes all XML characters and 
then it sends the message - this jams my consumers.

I know it is probably correct thing to do anyway, but is there a way of 
override this behavior?

Jakub Pastuszek

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