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From "Steve Kapinos" <>
Subject RE: Jmeter - AutoRefresh Implimentation
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2008 01:08:51 GMT
>So my requirement is that I need to get some value from response and
>that value as parameter value in next request.

So get the request, process it with whatever method you want, like a
regex or xml sampler, feed that into a property, and then generate your

Replace the javascript's functionality with the samplers in jmeter.  You
should be able to simply read the javascript source file to see how it
extracts and forms the URL.  Or watch a browser with a packet sniffer
like wireshark to observe the behavior.

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From: Mahajan, Nitin [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 8:15 PM
Subject: Jmeter - AutoRefresh Implimentation

Hi All,


I am using JMeter to generate load scripts for java/j2ee application and
I have reached a point where response page/html have some dynamic
JavaScript to process. To be specific JavaScript refreshes page every 30
sec by generating some url. This url need some request parameter value
which is retrieved from last response bean. 


I see in JMEter documentation 

              "No. JMeter does not process Javascript or applets
embedded in HTML pages. 

JMeter can download the relevant resources (some embedded resources are
downloaded automatically if the correct options are set), but it does
not process the HTML and execute any Javascript functions. 

If the page uses Javascript to build up a URL or submit a form, you can
use the Proxy Recording facility to create the necessary sampler. If
this is not possible, then manual inspection of the code may be needed
to determine what the Javascript is doing. "

So my requirement is that I need to get some value from response and use
that value as parameter value in next request.


Any help will be appreciated.





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