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From "Fitzpatrick, Adrian" <>
Subject RE: completely different time responses
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2008 20:13:31 GMT

Hi Paulo,

Is the test you are running quite heavy, both in terms of load applied to
your server  and (more to the point) load on the machine on which you are
running JMeter (in terms of CPU and/or JVM memory usage)?

If so one theory about what might be happening is that the aggregate report
listener - quite a "heavy" component in terms of processing - is adding
additional load on the Jmeter machine, and as a result the machine is slowing
down. As a result JMeter can send less requests per second to server, and
therefore the load on the server side is reduced when the aggregate report
listener is enabled. This lower load on the server could then cause the
average response time to be better.

This might be particularly likely to occur if JMeter and your test web server
are both running on the same machine

This is just a theory - but might be worth looking into! Perhaps you can
compare hits/second as measured from the server side, for the two scenarios? 

Hope this is some help.




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