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From yaroslav1 <>
Subject Re: file comparison
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2008 23:02:53 GMT

Hi "bob bob-7"

Thx you for the tricky technique. It is useful to know.

BTW: What can "seb-2-2" answer on your final questions - "How do I check if
a multi-line string exists in a file?"

Happy New Years everybody!

bob bob-7 wrote:
> I guess I've stumped everyone so I'll answer my own question;
> To compare an XML snippet against part of a file use HTTP Request with
> file protocol to load the file.
> Ad a Response Assertion.
> Check 'Text Response' and 'Contains'
> In the 'pattern to test' put the xml snippet you wish to check for in your
> file.
> EXCEPT, at the very beginning of the XML, add (?s) and at the end of every
> line add (.*).
> The (?s) tells it to make it a multiline and the (.*) at the end tells it
> to ignore the end of line no matter what it format it's in (windows, unix,
> etc).
> Not too bad...a bit of monkey work, but it is the easiest way I could
> find.
> I hope this helps.
> Mike
> ________________________________
> From: Mike Lee <>
> To:
> Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2008 9:42:26 AM
> Subject: file comparison
> I would like to compare a part of a file to a given string. We have a web
> application that calls web services. It generates a log file of the send
> and receive xml messages. I would like to take one of these log files and
> create a test case from it where I can take each xml send message and use
> it to compare it to the receive xml log file. We cant use the web service
> request because I have to compare based upon what our application sends.
> That involves comparing the files. I can't seem to do 'contains' because
> it wants a regular expression and I have this huge xml. I use an HTTP
> Request and use the FILE protocol and load the file. I use a response
> assertion to try to compare an xml section from what the send or receive
> data should look like in the log files.
> I put on the 'substring' check box and put something like this in the
> 'patterns to test'
>             <MSGVARS>
>                 <VAR NAME="RESULTS">DPR0007</VAR>
>                 <VAR NAME="SERVERTIMESPENT">0.000</VAR>
>                 <ROWSET NAME="DPR0007">
>                     <ROW NUM="1">
>                         <VAR NAME="INIGROUP">WipData</VAR>
>                         <VAR NAME="INIOPTION">Path</VAR>
>                     </ROW>
>                 </ROWSET>
>                 <ROWSET NAME="ERRORS">
>                     <ROW NUM="1">
>                         <VAR NAME="CODE">DPR0007</VAR>
>                     </ROW>
>                 </ROWSET>
>             </MSGVARS>
> but it doesnt work.
> If I break up each line and put it in and do a 'contains' then it does.
> Problem with that is order doesn't matter and these are big files and I
> need to be able to compare a chunk of data as above.
> Summary: How do I check if a multi-line string exists in a file?
> Thanks

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