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From Serpent_Guard <>
Subject Re: regular expression extractor
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2008 05:32:43 GMT

I think you want '[\w+] (\d+) .+' (w/o quotes).

[\w+] - \w is a character class that matches any word character
(alphanumeric plus underscores).  '+' changes it from matching a single
character to matching one or more characters.

(\d+) - \d is a character class that matches digits.  '+' makes it match one
or more digits.

.+ - '.' matches any non-newline character.  '+' makes it match one or more
of those characters.

If you specifically don't want to allow digits in the first word, you can
change '[\w+]' to '[\w^\d]'

I'm no expert at regex, but I've been learning a lot about it lately and I'm
reasonably sure this'll do the trick.

PAULO LOURENCO (RE-ESI-Workflow) wrote:
> Greetings,
> I know this is going to look like a basic question, which I apologize
> for in advance, but I'm having problems with a simple regular
> expression.
> Basically I want to extract a number that comes after a word and that is
> followed by a space and something else. Ex:
> Word 123 - more stuff
> From the previous sentence, what I want o extract is the 123, regardless
> of what comes after ('-', '.', etc) knowing that the number comes always
> after a word.
> Thanks in advance!

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