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From joeweder <>
Subject Runtime variable replacement/expansion for files?
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2008 14:58:33 GMT

I have been using JMeter for awhile and there is one thing that I wish that I
could do. I would like to be able to replace a few elements of test files
(templates) that are loaded from disk during runtime so the content is
different for each thread.

Overly Simple Example
Consider using a template files as follows:
This is a message from ${}

So, I could have the content sent to a server be different for each thread:
This is a message from testAgent1
This is a message from testAgent2
This is a message from testAgent3
This is a message from testAgent1

This a simple example. In reality I have larger html/xml files so I can't
just use __threadvar or csv in parameters.

Anyone please suggest? If it means coding, use BeanShell scripts or Java. I
would like to be able to modify HTML Requests initially but I can imagine
other uses as well.

Another thought (kinda dirty) could be to do a once-only custom thing that
ran and could access the number of threads and do it all in a custom Java
sampler that would run and create the files on the disk. The thing is that I
hate having to do this by hand. Perhaps this would be better in one sense,
that it would not introduce to much processing for each request. 

Know what I mean? Lemme know.

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