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From Anthony Chadszinow <>
Subject Re: creating simple GUI with JMeter functionalities
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2008 21:02:04 GMT
Hi Frank,

I don't know about GUI's but you could pretty much achieve the same 
functionality with batch programming/bash script, Jmeter CLI mode using 
parameters and having Jmeter setup to log results to a CVS file then 
having a spreadsheet which could pull the results in and graph them the 
way you want.

I'm no expert with the last step but it's definitely possible to write a 
batch/bash script which users could execute & ask questions and then 
trigger Jmeter CLI with the answers passed to it.

Batch example for triggering jmeter passing in a variable which is good 
for Windoz -
CALL jmeter_ap\bin\jmeter.bat -n -t test_plan.jmx -Jthreads=%thread_count%

Bash script example which is good for Linux/OSX
jmeter -n -t matrix_tests/Load_testing_v0.3_working.jmx 

So that's triggering Jmeter in your script.  Asking the questions you'll 
have to do your research on.  I don't have an example lying around but 
it's definitely possible in both batch and bash scripts.  In batch 
programming I think CHOICE is a Vista feature that can be used.  There 
are also batch helper programs which enhance the capabilities of batch 
programs [or at least there was back around 1994 when I was first 
playing with batch programs].

Bash ask question example -
echo -ne "How many threads? "
read threadcount

In Jmeter to get the value of a property like thread count you would do 
this ${__P(thread_count)}

Logging to results to file is just settings in the operator.

I used CALL in the batch program example so execution would return to 
the batch program after jmeter closes.  At this step you might want to 
copy the results somewhere or even open up Excel with the results in it 

I know this isn't exactly what you are after so if it helps then great 
and if it doesn't then good luck.


Frank Chessman wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to ask you, if you have some experiences creating simple GUI
> with JMeter functionalities.
> I want to create it in a very simple way for some non-IT colleges. Idea is
> to have 3 Tabbed Panes - after start of GUI, they will see 1st pane and will
> be able to set just values like Number of Threads (users) or choose from the
> list, which web page to test (I will have pre-defined jmx for each option)
> and after clicking Next, it will automatically run the test and switch to
> 2nd pane, where they will see Graph Results or 3rd pane with Summary Report.
> Sorry for bothering you, I could not find it anywhere on the internet or in
> some past email threads. If it was already discussed, please link me to some
> year/thread name, where I can find it.
> I am quite new to Java, for building GUIs I use NetBeans 6.1.
> Thanks a lot!
> Frank

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