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From sebb <>
Subject Re: jmeter checkbox questio
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2008 12:46:15 GMT
On 23/10/2008, liza_dl <> wrote:
>  Hi!
>  Does anybody know how to organize select or deselect of checkbox using
>  Jmeter?

A checkbox is sent to the server as a parameter name and value.

>  I have the following html code:
>  ... <tr id="str12246839560000000336" valign="top" onmouseup="if
>  (!stopMoving()) if (!otherClicks(event)) return CheckTR(this);"
>  onmouseover="processMoving()" onmousedown="startMoving()" class="noSelect">
>    <td class="checkb">
>      <input id="chb12246839560000000336" type="checkbox" onclick="return
>  CheckCB(this);" value="12246839560000000336" name="id"/>
>    </td>
>  </tr>
>  ...
>  When the checkbox is selected  class="noSelect"   changes to
>  class="Select"
>  What parametrs should I send to this html page to make a checkbox   active?

You could try

chb12246839560000000336 = 12246839560000000336

in the HTTP Parameters, but if that does not work, you'll have to
follow the Javascript.

>  P.S. There are posts recommending to use Proxy to write and then look
>  through all actions... but I'm afraid I won't be able to do this, because
>  I'm testing on an intranet computer.

That makes no difference; the JMeter proxy can still work.

However, if your intranet uses a proxy, then you need to tell JMeter
to use that proxy by using the -H and -P command-line options, and
then tell the browser to use the JMeter proxy.

Or you may be able to use one of the plugins for the browser that
shows you the HTTP traffic.


But in any case, it looks like the checkbox names and values are
dynamically generated, so you will need to extract these using the RE

>  Thanks
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