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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Re: Problem with Graph-Result (overpainting)
Date Sun, 21 Sep 2008 17:08:56 GMT
Thanks I tried that. Grrrrr the usability of JMEter ist *+@#!XX=!

Ok, sorry, calmed down again: I *think* I stored the actual resutls into 
a file. the problem here is manifold:

(1) the German translation is very bad. With the additional problem that 
one cannot even disable it. Even when I set the language to English, 
parts of the interface stay German. Makes working hardly possible, 
because the translation is so bad that some things are very cloudy.

(2) In several Listeners there is the control "save data to file"; 
however, beside the textbox there is "load data"??? so, what now? I 
assume that it means both: while run it is saving to that file and when 
clicking on the button it loads it. still, this is horrible usability. 
imho there should be ONE listener that logs to a file and does just 
that. others might be able to load data.

(3) when I load data from file into graph-result the result is still as 
sent in the screenshot. does not rescale graph properly but overpaints. 
(btw. Mac OS X)

can anyone confirm that behaviour?

thank you very much!


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