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From "Jacob Singh" <>
Subject Re: Changing the hostname jmeter-server reports to the client
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2008 18:18:17 GMT
>>  I think one of the issues is that ec2 doesn't actually know that this
>>  is its ip because it is obviously behind a router.  So even if you
>>  ping its public DNS, it will return the private domain.
>>  Can someone throw me a bone here?  I've spent about 6hrs trying to fix
>>  this, and I'm very sad because this will be awesome when it is working
>>  :)  I also plan to release an AMI at some point in the future.
> Can you get a simple EchoClient/Server working on that setup?
> Maybe that would give some pointers as to how to fix JMeter - e.g.
> perhaps the RMI server needs to be run on the host given by the
> rmi.server.hostname property.
> At present the property is not directly used by JMeter - it was
> assumed that the Java RMI would know what to do when the property is
> defined. Indeed that's what the documentation suggests here:

Hi Sebb,

Thanks for the quick response.  After many hours of googling, I've got
to say, you've got my vote for maintainer of the year!

I'm not sure what EchoClient/Server means.  I know it is a java lib of
some sort, but I'm not a Java programmer, so I don't know how to
proceed here.
I can read Java, but not write it too well.  If you can tell me what
you are looking for me to do, I will attempt it.

Perhaps just allowing the hostname that the server passes back to use
a Jmeter property would solve the whole thing.

I have resorted to running the whole thing in the cloud with the
master acting in an ec2 instance, and the slaves in their own ec2
instances, then rsyncing the jtls back to my desktop for the analysis.
 This is fine, but not preferred obviously as it is harder to modify
the test, upload, etc...

One other thing of note (you may want to add this to the remote instructions):

When setting up the slaves, they have to have port 1099 open AND they
need to be pingable (have ICMP open).
If it is not open, it hangs with no error given.


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