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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Sample Batching: how to reduce data and avoid out of memory?
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 12:29:56 GMT
On 11/09/2008, jephperro <> wrote:
>  JMeter has been working well for me under small load.  However, my problem is
>  with the JMeter console running out of memory when collecting data from the
>  remote machines.  I've been using Mode=Hold, and once the test finishes, the
>  client tends to crash on me.
>  I have 5 machines, starting 100 threads each, and looping around.  All that
>  detailed data isn't really important to me.  I just really want to see an
>  average response time.  In fact what I'm really trying to do is stress the
>  system enough to locate a bottleneck by doing a thread-dump.

In that case, why not just run 5 independent JMeter clients in non-GUI mode?

>  So,  I'd like to use Statistical mode, and receive very few statistics from
>  the remote machines.  But I'm confused by the Remote configuration.
>  The documentation says :
>  The following properties apply to the Batch and Statistical modes:
>  num_sample_threshold - number of samples in a batch (default 100)
>  time_threshold - number of milliseconds to wait (default 60 seconds)
>  Now does that mean, if I want to receive very brief stats in Statistical
>  mode, I should set num_sample_threshold to be very high or very low?
>  Will hold_samples apply in Statistical mode?  I think I probably wouldn't
>  want to use it anyways.

I don't think so.

>  Here's what I have tried in the settings, but the master Jmeter crashed on
>  me.

What caused the crash?

>  mode=Statistical
>  #hold_samples=true
>  num_sample_threshold=10000    // 10,000 samples per batch? or 10,000 samples
>  sent at a time
>  time_threshold=600000           // 10 minutes
>  Does this mean that the remote machine will send back one sample for every
>  10,000 samples it takes?
>  Will it wait for 10,000 samples to occur before sending?
>  If the test ends before 10 minutes, can I stop the remote server?  Or is it
>  waiting 10 minutes to send it's accumulated data.

I would expect the server to send the remaining samples when the test ends.

It would be easy enough to create a simple test plan using Java
Request and experiment with that.

Note that the property settings have to be applied to the server
nodes, because it is the server that determines how to send the data.

If you still want to use client-server mode, why not try removing all listeners?
You can add a Summariser to the test plan - this will generate brief
log messages every 3 minutes.

>  Thanks,
>  Jeff
>  (btw thanks to sebb-2-2 for answering my previous question!)
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