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From TomKattt <>
Subject URL adding extra junk
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 19:21:00 GMT

Hello, I'm a newbie with JMeter, and I just took over a JMETER task from a
different newbie who is no longer with the company.  I am hoping someone can
explain this problem to me.

I have a test script with a lot of pages.  In our QA environment, all of the
pages work great.  But we also have an isolated 'sandbox' that we want to
test in, and I need to get a clean run from JMETER in that environment.

Using the same script as QA, about a third of the URL's return a Server 500
error.  When I look in the jmeter log, I see 'URL:
This has a server 500 error with it.

In the IIS log, this transaction shows up, and the parm in the URL are
messed up.  The parm is 'parm=457|49|ASP_0158_:_80004005|missing_URL'.

I don't know where that extra stuff is coming from.

Here is a paste of the XML from the .jmx file:

          <GenericController guiclass="LogicControllerGui"
testclass="GenericController" testname="Trading and Compliance &gt;&gt;
Hypothetical Trade Testing
/Apps/TradingCompliance/Trading/TradingScenarios.asp" enabled="true"/>
            <HTTPSampler guiclass="HttpTestSampleGui"
              <elementProp name="HTTPsampler.Arguments"
elementType="Arguments" guiclass="HTTPArgumentsPanel" testclass="Arguments"
                <collectionProp name="Arguments.arguments">
                  <elementProp name="" elementType="HTTPArgument">
                    <stringProp name="">parm</stringProp>
                    <stringProp name="Argument.value">457</stringProp>
                    <stringProp name="Argument.metadata">=</stringProp>
              <stringProp name="HTTPSampler.domain"></stringProp>
              <stringProp name="HTTPSampler.port"></stringProp>
              <stringProp name="HTTPSampler.protocol">http</stringProp>
              <stringProp name="HTTPSampler.contentEncoding"></stringProp>
              <stringProp name="HTTPSampler.method">GET</stringProp>
              <boolProp name="HTTPSampler.follow_redirects">true</boolProp>
              <boolProp name="HTTPSampler.auto_redirects">false</boolProp>
              <boolProp name="HTTPSampler.use_keepalive">true</boolProp>
              <stringProp name="HTTPSampler.mimetype"></stringProp>
              <stringProp name="HTTPSampler.FILE_NAME"></stringProp>
              <stringProp name="HTTPSampler.FILE_FIELD"></stringProp>
              <stringProp name="HTTPSampler.monitor">false</stringProp>
              <stringProp name="HTTPSampler.embedded_url_re"></stringProp>

Thanks for any help I can get.
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