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From "Ian Blavins" <>
Subject RE: Compuware QA load 2 Jmeter
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2008 08:36:18 GMT

Having been a Compuware QALoad consultant and a JMeter user for some time I know of no cost
effective way to mechanically convert QALoad scripts to JMeter scripts.

QALoad scripts are essentially a sequence of calls to a set of APIs within the core QALoad
software, wrapped to a greater or less degree by hand coded C. Your best conversion approach
would be to reimplement the Compuware APIs as JMeter test plan elements and/or JMeter functions.
Then you would need to recode the C code as JMeter test plan elements which invoke the reimplemented

You would need a lot of high value Compuware scripts to make this approach worthwhile. You
would probably be better off starting afresh in JMeter. 

If you have a lot of scripts and you do plan to start again there is one technique that might
be useful. JMeter test plans targeting the same application tend to look somewhat the same.
I have found it useful to abstract the common parts to an include module and to keep just
the minimum amount of code in each test plan. Then if you decide your corpus of scripts needs
some new feature you only have to modify the include module.

Ian Blavins
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From: Manjunath B [] 
Sent: Tuesday, 26 August 2008 5:05 AM
Subject: Compuware QA load 2 Jmeter

Hello JmeterUsers

We are using Compuware QA load tool to do load test our application, After
initial working on Jmeter i started liking on this tool.
Please let me know is there any possibility to convert  Compuware QA load
script to Jmeter scripts.

Waiting for your response eagerly.


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