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From Bob Yetman <>
Subject Correlate between two thread groups?
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2008 00:32:39 GMT
I've just started using JMeter at work, and one project I've been 
assigned is
to develop a test for part of an order demo process we're developing.

This test must submit a SOAP/XML request and monitor a JMS topic for a
reply (which simulates an external process doing something with the order).

I've got the basic test working:

Thread group 1 -
	Soap XML Request Sampler
Thread group 2 -
	JMS Subscriber Sampler

The basic test works, I can send requests in and get results back, but 
now I need
to correlate between the two thread groups.   That is, I send out order 
id's #1 - 100,
and I get the same order id's back, and nothing else.  The order id is 
in the XML
request sent out, and in the response data received back.

I thought about using beanshell pre/post processors to  write out the 
id's, and then use
an external script to parse the logs, but I was wondering if there is a 
better way.

Any thoughts/ideas on ways to do this?

Bob Yetman

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