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From "Fitzpatrick, Adrian" <>
Subject RE: problems with JMeter and Apache Load Balancer
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 18:05:01 GMT


Jmeter shouldnt do this - each thread should have its own seperate cookies.
From the help documentation for the cookie manager - 

Each JMeter thread has its own "cookie storage area". So, if you are testing
a web site that uses a cookie for storing session information, each JMeter
thread will have its own session.

So each thread should be getting its own cookies and be load balanced
correct. If you have already, run your test with 2 threads with the Results
Tree enabled and view the request sent in each case to verify if the
behaviour is definitely as you describe. Other than that, not sure what your
problem might be - maybe its misconfiguration at the load balancing side?

- Adrian

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From: DanielBreitner []
Sent: 21 August 2008 15:29
Subject: problems with JMeter and Apache Load Balancer


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Hi you all :)

I am new to JMeter so please don´t hurt me.

I am trying to test my web application which is on two computers balanced by
one apache load balancer.
I have to use cookies, because I want to "navigate" within my web page -
therefore i am using the HTTP Cookie Manager.

Now I have the problem, that when my first JMeter thread enters the URL of
the Load Balancer, it gets a jsession id together with the machine to send
the request to. For excample jsessionid=dfsdhfgsdf123_machine=computer2
This is a problem because to me it seems, that this cookie is send to the
Load Balancer by all my threads, and so all my threads always go to one
machine, instead of being balancedon two machines.

So I am asking you:

1) Does anyone know how to combine the Apache Load Balancer and JMeter ?

2) How do I config JMeter so that it doesn´t send the cookie with the first
request ?

With kind regards

Daniel Breitner

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