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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Queries | How Can I save assertions results in CSV output?
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 09:47:31 GMT
On 18/08/2008, Mohamed Niyas <> wrote:
> Dear Team,
>  I have seen a couple of mails regarding the CSV output from JMeter. I
>  understood that if i make it CSV output, it would save memory resources. I
>  am running my scripts in Non-GUI mode.
>  The problem is that my scripts contains with assertions in some of the
>  samplers. Those assertions are mandatory for to check out the
>  proper output. If i enable xml ouput, i am getting the assertion results.
>  But in a long run i will be running many concurrent users that time
>  this would take much time & would create a huge size output file.
>  *Questions:*
>  1) If i enable the CSV output, those assertions results are not included. So
>  obviously i am missing some valuable data whether
>     it has succeeded or not?

The status will be set to fail if the assertion fails.

>  Can we make a CSV output to save the requests
>  query string & Assertions results?

Not the request string, but you can save the Assertion message.


>  2)  If i enabled xml output, how can i save the request? I meant the
>  complete request query string. I have tested with the
>     Jmeter.Properties file by enabling some parameters & running the tests
>  again. But none was carrying this information.
>     We can see the request query string if we are running from Jmeter GUI.
>  3) Can we have a sample perl scripts which converts the JTL output to CSV
>  output? (if we can not save the assertions in CSV output.)

I don't know of any existing script.

>  Please share your thoughts on this?
>  --
>  Regards,
>  Mohamed Niyas M
>  Mobile: 98804 59080

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