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From "Farid Vaswani" <>
Subject RE: While loop controller question
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 22:01:54 GMT
I think you cannot specify comparisons in the While loop condition
Either you call a function or use a variable to control it - and it will
run until the specified variable is 'true' or unless a function returns

In your case have an If condition after the Regex extractor ie. If a
variable_value==5 then bVariable = false
And specify the bVariable in the 'while' loop.



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From: [] 
Sent: Saturday, 23 August 2008 03:38
Subject: While loop controller question

Hello all,

I am writing a testing scenario for a complex banking app, using jmeter

So far I manage to log on and navigate through the app with no problems.

However, at some point
I have a temporary page which is displayed while a mainframe transaction

is being performed.
This temporary page loops back to itself every 5 seconds (via
until the MF transaction
is complete....then it continues and displays the intended data. 

My problem stems from trying to get past this page using JMeter. Here is

how I've set it up:

****** snip ******

Http Request 1

Http Request 2

While Controller         (not sure of the syntax here, but I would like
to be something like:   SequenceValue <> 5 and don't loop more than 10 
       Http Request 3
       Regular expression extractor               (ref name: 
SequenceValue,  regex: noSeq=(\d{1}),  Template: $1$,  Match: 0,

Http Request 4


Note: each page returns a sequence number in the html (noSeq=x), and the

temporary page keeps returning noSeq=4, hence
when the transaction is completed I receive a page with noSeq=5

Some questions:

1) Is this a good approach to get past this kind of contruct in our 
2) SequenceValue keeps returning NOT FOUND .... (yet,
why is the variable not affected properly?
3) Can someone suggest the syntax for my while controller's condition?

Thanks in advance!!


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