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From Ronan Klyne <>
Subject Re: TestCompiler throws NPE - how to debug?
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 12:54:41 GMT
sebb wrote:
> On 02/07/2008, Ronan Klyne <> wrote:
>> Ivan Rodriguez wrote:
>>> You could try to disable one element at the time and run the script.
>>> When the Exception disappear then you will know witch element is causing
>> it.
>>> You can of course do it the other way around, disable all and enable one
>> element at the time.
>>  The problem with this method is that I have a large test plan (hundreds of
>> elements), and it takes about 60 seconds per element.
>>  I'd rather JMeter would just tell me which element wasn't right...
> The problem is that the NPE is caused by a bug - it's not expected to
> happen, so the method that fails does not do anything about it. The
> NPE is eventually caught by the top-level code, but by then the
> details of what the low level method was doing are lost.
>>> I take it you are not using any Beanshell script right?
>>  I am using BeanShell, but I'm fairly sure this error is not related to that
>> - BeanShell errors have always mentioned 'BeanShell' somewhere in the
>> message...
> Agreed. The offending code is:
> 		SamplePackage pack = (SamplePackage) samplerConfigMap.get(sampler);
> 		pack.setSampler(sampler); // NPE occurs here
> For some reason, the pack cannot be found in the map.
> It looks like this might perhaps be a thread synchronisation issue, in
> which case the contents of the test plan may not be relevant.
> But if the test plan is relevant:
> How about checking which test elements are missing from the loaded test plan?
> If it's not obvious visually, try saving the partial test plan and
> comparing against the original.

There's no difference. The newly saved plan, if reloaded, exhibits the 
same problem.

I have found (by disabling large chunks of test (using XSL - much faster 
:D)) that one particular BeanShell preprocessor is causing the problem - 
at least, disabling it makes the problem go away.
This is inside a pair of transaction controllers, the outer of which is 
set to generate a parent sample. This is all then wrapped is a simple 
Elsewhere, I have a loop which uses a module controller to pull in this 
simple controller.

It's not a simple set up, but I'm now looking at where in my BeanShell 
the problem might be. I'll keep you posted...

	# r

Ronan Klyne
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