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From Manish Chakravarty <>
Subject JMeter remote/distributed testing not working; No error message in log
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 19:49:37 GMT
Hello All,

I am trying to do remote testing ; with two machines (as a learning  
experience )

The machines are on the same subnet and are as follows:
sh6 => jmeter server
sh7 => jmeter client

On sh6 I start the jmeter server from the command line
On sh7 i start the jmeter client as follows:

root@sh7:~# jakarta-jmeter-2.3.1/bin/jmeter -n -r -t TestFile.jmx -l  
(I have already configured sh7's and pointed it to  
the IP address of sh6 )

I see the following output in the console:
Created the tree successfully
Configuring remote engine for
Starting remote engines
Starting the test @ Tue Jun 24 19:24:53 UTC 2008 (1214335493204)
Remote engines have been started

on sh6 (the server) , I see the following output:

root@sh6:~# tail jmeter-server.log
2008/06/24 19:14:30 INFO  - jmeter.JMeter: JMeter  Locale=English  
(United States)
2008/06/24 19:14:30 INFO  - jmeter.JMeter: JMeterHome=/root/jakarta- 
2008/06/24 19:14:30 INFO  - jmeter.JMeter: user.dir  =/root
2008/06/24 19:14:30 INFO  - jmeter.JMeter: PWD       =/root
2008/06/24 19:14:30 INFO  - jmeter.engine.RemoteJMeterEngineImpl:  
Starting backing engine on 1099
2008/06/24 19:14:30 INFO  - jmeter.engine.RemoteJMeterEngineImpl:  
Creating RMI registry (server.rmi.create=true)
2008/06/24 19:14:30 INFO  - jmeter.engine.RemoteJMeterEngineImpl:  
Creating JMeter engine on host sh6
2008/06/24 19:14:30 INFO  - jmeter.engine.StandardJMeterEngine:  
Listeners will be started after enabling running version
2008/06/24 19:14:30 INFO  - jmeter.engine.StandardJMeterEngine: To  
revert to the earlier behaviour, define  
2008/06/24 19:14:30 INFO  - jmeter.engine.RemoteJMeterEngineImpl:  
Bound to registry on port 1099

After this /nothing/ seems to happen. I see Java utilizing any CPU.
To ensure that something is running on sh6 I do the following:
root@sh6:~# ps -ef | grep java
root     27653 27651  0 18:45 pts/0    00:00:00 java -server -Xms256m - 
Xmx256m -XX:NewSize=128m -XX:MaxNewSize=128m - 
XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=2 -Dsun.rmi.dgc.client.gcInterval=600000 - 
Dsun.rmi.dgc.server.gcInterval=600000 -XX:PermSize=64m - 
XX:MaxPermSize=64m -jar jakarta-jmeter-2.3.1/bin/ApacheJMeter.jar - 
Dserver_port=1099 -s -j jmeter-server.log

This clearly shows that the server is listening on port 1099.

A telnet to port 1099 on sh6 confirms that it is indeed open.

I wait for a long time and nothing happens.
Am I doing something wrong? Why is the test not running?

Any help on this topic would be very useful!

Thanks in advance!
Manish Chakravarty

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