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From "Jitendra Kumar Mohanty" <>
Subject Getting error(10%)in listner when no of threads are increased gradually for some transactions
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 07:39:40 GMT

I have prepared a thread group consisting of 10 transactuions & it runs
for 5 threads for 30 minutes without any problem but if the threads are
increased to 10 then for last 2 transactions I get error & the
percentage is around 10,If some delay is introduced then I do not get
any error and again if the no of threads are increased to 20 and some
more delay is introduced then I do not get any error, so the problem
here is that every time To run the script for increased no of threads
without error, I have to increase the delay time in the transactions.

Another query is that does Jmeter includes the delay time in calculating
the Response time.

Need help on this.

Thanks in advance

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