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From Jason Dick <>
Subject Re: Ldap - Cannot disconnect null context
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 20:31:43 GMT
Thanks sebb.  

I will continue to look into why #1 happened.  It seems that on my system (Windows XP) the
first 3950 bind's work fine and then the rest fail.  On Windows 2000, and presumably on linux,
it works fine.

As for #2.  The bind was actually failing.  So now I can check for that, but I am wondering
how do I conditionally run the search and unbind?  So if the bind is successful there a way
to set a variable and use an If Controller to do the search and unbind otherwise fall through
and finish the loop?  Or is there a better way to deal with this scenario?

Thanks again,


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From: sebb <>
To: JMeter Users List <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 11:44:08 AM
Subject: Re: Ldap - Cannot disconnect null context

On 24/06/2008, Jason Dick <> wrote:
> I am trying to load test using LDAP Extended Requests with a very tight loop of thread
bind, search test, thread unbind.  JMeter 2.3.2 is running on Windows XP and I am running
a single thread.  I noticed two things with this test that concern me.
>  1.  When I get to 3942 open ldap connections (netstat -na | grep ":389" | wc -l), JMeter
stops opening new connections.  Is there a setting in JMeter or a java property that controls
the number of simultaneously open sockets?

No, they rely on the OS to provide socket resources.

>  2.  The following INFO message occurs int the JMeter log:
>  2008/06/24 11:21:01 INFO  - jmeter.protocol.ldap.sampler.LdapExtClient: Cannot disconnect
null context
>  What exactly does the 'null context' mean?

It means that the context variable was null - probably because the
bind failed to create it.

> Is this an indication that JMeter does not like me using an anonymous bind with no username
and password?


> Does this mean the unbind is not actually working?

Sort of.

It means that the unbind has nothing to work on.

>  Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
>  Jason
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