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From Kristof Jozsa <>
Subject Re: uploading files in jmeter
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2008 13:59:25 GMT
sebb wrote:
> On 26/06/2008, Kristof Jozsa <> wrote:
>> sebb wrote:
>>> On 26/06/2008, maalamaal <> wrote:
>>>>  I am testing a web application and I need to upload files very
>> frequently and
>>>>  check if they have been loaded and get the response time.
>>>>  What are the elements I need to use in jmeter and how do I approach it?
>>> Use the Proxy Recorder to record a browser session in which you upload
>>> a file and then downoad it.
>>  I have a similar requirement: I need to download a file in a test step, and
>> then a few steps later upload the very same file I downloaded.. any hints
>> how to do that?
> Use the Proxy Recorder to record a browser session in which you
> download the file and then upload it.

I wish it was that easy :)

I customized a recorded session to alter input parameters using a CSV 
config set. Therefore, every time the test executes, I download a 
different file, and in each test I should upload the very same file 

I plan to run the test with around 100 concurrent users, so that means 
100 different files down- and then uploaded, but as I saw JMeter 
generates those filenames.. Is it possible to use a beanshell 
postprocessor to save the generated filename to a variable? Maybe some 
other solution available for the problem?


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