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From Jason Dick <>
Subject Re: Minor JMeter GUI annoyances
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 21:51:30 GMT
It would be nice to have the state saved.  Some of my tests are quite large and having only
the section I am working on expanded would be nice.  Again, just a nice to have feature in
the future.

I agree the graph results are usable but again it would be nice to have something that is
a little more polished.  Unfortunately I don't have any good suggestions on exactly how to
do it at the moment.  Maybe this is the kind of thing we need to save the data to a file and
load it in a graphing-type listener or some other element later to display graphs, reports,

Yes I see the negative numbers too when I stop tests sometimes.

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From: Kristof Jozsa <>
To: JMeter Users List <>
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 6:32:08 AM
Subject: Minor JMeter GUI annoyances

I'd like to ask if anyone else is repeatedly noticing the following 
minor issues (or it's just me caring too much):

- after loading a saved JMeter test plan, it's state is all-expanded. 
It's especially disturbing when you saved browser-derived headers for 
every single request. It'd be lovely to see the tree's state saved.

- at right-click, 'Add', the items are in no particular order (as it 
seems to me). Sometimes I spend long seconds eg. to locate 'Simple 
controller' or any other test elements (in spite of I'd been using 
jmeter quite a lot these months)

- while I woulnd't call the Graph Results component unusable, it's far 
from being very useful when you want quality reports :)

- after stopping a tests, quite often the threadcounter box at the top 
right goes negative

- workbench is not getting saved, while with some tricking you can put a 
configured proxy server into the test plan to get it saved

- generally, the GUI could use quite a bit of polish (I mean elements 
layout, grouping, general usability stuff).

I'm not sure if these issues would matter for most users at all, but I'm 
curious. Also, (without any promise at all), would patches trying to 
improve issues like above be welcome from the developers' side?


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